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Our Spring Topic

Welcome back!

This half term our topic is ‘people who help us’. Over this half term we will be learning about lots of people who help us: people in school, people at home, people in the community and the emergency services. We are going to have some special visitors: firefighters, police officers and a nurse. They are going to come into school and talk to us about how they help people, keep them safe and what special clothes they wear, we are all very excited!

What do you know about people who help us? What would you like to learn about?

Lave a comment below to tell us what you think!

The Little Reindeer

On Tuesday 11th and Wednesday the 12th December both Reception classes held their Winter Presentation called The Little Reindeer. It took weeks of preparation and lots of remembering by the children , who in the end performed remarkably. We all enjoyed the two days of singing and acting. We had a super response by all who came to watch. A big well done to all those who helped to develop it. All the EYFS staff were so proud.


Winter Wonderland Markets

On Tuesday 4th and Thursday 6th December we held out annual Winter Wonderland Markets. Reception had a fantastic stall selling pudding cakes and Rudolph candy canes. We also had two games: poke a tree and choose a snowman. The stall was lots of fun to visit!

Did you enjoy the Winter Wonderland markets? What did you buy?

Winter Surprise

This year at Brandwood we had a special Winter Surprise. Reception were very excited to go into the hall and see what it was. When we got there we were greeted by a Winter Queen and her servant. Then we were surprised and excited to meet the Mythical Snow Lion creature. He was huge, with white fur and very friendly. We loved meeting him and we had our photographs taken with him for the class calendars.

What did you think about the surprise?


Linking schools

 Last week we visited Bolton museum for our linking school project with Cherry Tree Primary school. We loved it! My group was group A and we learnt about the sea first . To get to know our partners [ mine was Seigan] we talked to them and discussed what we like. Then we went to the aquarium and saw the man feed stingrays and learnt that the male stingrays are much larger. The next activity was finding our favourite type of species . Finally we sat in a circle and felt live betel !

By Juwariya

      Last week, both year 5 classes visited the Bolton Museum as part of our linking schools project. We met up with Cherry Tree Primary School. This opportunity made us happy and we were involved in many exciting activities. Once we got there, we were set up in groups and I was in group a. My group got the chance to go to the aquarium first. As we got there, we had to go in a room and find our partner. I was number 8 and my partner was called Isaac. In the aquarium we saw the stingrays having their lunch and the other fish.  We got to explore and then we had to go upstairs to find different species of mammals, sea life and birds. 

By Ayesha



Have you ever seen , a caribou or a reindeer ?There are many differences between reindeer and caribou .Reindeer are smaller and can also be kept as pets. Caribou are even bigger than reindeer and also are wildlife. Did you know reindeer can be found in Greenland ,Canada also in Alaska ? Interestingly reindeer run for 50 miles per hour . A fact is that reindeer mostly live for 15 years . In the winter their nose helps them keep warm . Learning about reindeer bodies is interesting .


   Reindeer’s bodies are adapted to the environment . Amazingly male reindeer antlers fall of in the winter . Female antlers fall off  when they give birth . Have you ever felt reindeer , fur it is nice and soft like a blanket ! Reindeer hooves are huge and wide and they dig with their hooves .


   Have you ever thought what reindeer normally eat ? They usually eat lichen because it keeps their blood warm and its hidden under the snow . If reindeer cant find lichen they look for leaves , fish and grass also mushrooms  .


    In the Arctic it is always cold and windy . In the summer it is light all day and night but in the winter it is dark all day and night ! Reindeer are in different places like Alaska ,Canada , and Norway.


     Reindeer predators are polar bears , grey wolves ,brown bears also golden eagles ! Did you know, wolverines attack reindeer too.

         Sadly people hunt for reindeer because of their antlers meat ,skin also fur.

Linking Schools

Last week Y5 met up with the children from Cherry Tree Primary School as part of their linking schools project. They met at Bolton Museum and had the opportunity to look around the museum and take part in some activities to get to know each other.

Who did you meet and what did you learn about them? What was your favourite part of the trip? What are you looking forward to next?